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This track prepares students for Veterinary School and for the GRE or MCAT, one of which is required for admission. Students should maintain a 3.7 GPA and score at least a 1200 on the GRE to be considered competitive for admission. Many veterinary schools also recommend or require a number of hours of observation/volunteer work with a practicing veterinarian.

See information on other professional health programs on the Health related professional schools page.

Important Links

The Ohio State University Veterinary Medicine Program

AAVMC Vet School Admissions Site (This site lists all schools in the Country and contains central application information)

Courses to take to prepare for admission to a Veterinary Medicine Program

You should check the individual requirements of each school here. The following are the prerequisite requirements for application to The Ohio State University.

  • One year of biology (Bio 201/202; required for Biology, Biochemistry and Toxicology majors)
  • General chemistry (Chem 103/104; required for Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Toxicology majors)
  • Organic chemistry (Chem 307/308; both required for Chemistry major; Chem 307 for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Genetics (Bio 303; required for Biology, Biochemistry and Toxicology majors)
  • Microbiology (Bio 340 - elective for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Biochemistry (Bio/Chem 429 - required for Biochemistry and Toxicology majors; elective for Biology major)
  • Physics (Phys 201/202 or Phys 205/206; required for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors)
  • English Composition (Eng 101; required of all majors at AU)
  • One semester of math, calculus recommended (Math 201 or 205 - Required for Biochemistry, Chemistry and Toxicology majors; one year of math required for Biology major)

These additional courses are important for preparing for the MCAT entrance exam and for your first year veterinary school classes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 325/326 - elective for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Cell Biology (Bio 424 - elective for Biology and Toxicology majors)