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Christmas Cactus
Schlumbergera A Bloom Front.jpeg
Specamin A in Bloom
Specimen information
Family: FAMILY
Species: SPECIES


While there are 6 defined species of Schlumbergera[1], they readily hybridize both in the wild and under cultivation. For this reason, it is more useful to classify the cultivars into groups based on their characteristics.

Truncata Group

  • Pointed teeth
  • Zygomorphic Flowers held horizontally (slightly above)
  • Yellow pollen

Buckleyi Group

  • Rounded, more symmetrical teeth
  • Regular flowers that hang below the horisontal
  • Pink pollen
Sub groups
  • TB - Mostly like Buckleyi, but with strong Truncata traits
  • BT - Mostly like Buckleyi, but with slight Truncata traits


Currently, all plants except C show signs of overexposure to the sun, resulting in the shades of yellow and pink visible in the stem segments, rather than the deep green that is expected.

Specimen A
Schlumbergera A Bloom Front.jpeg

A blooms are a bright red with slight salmon hues. The pollen is a light yellow. It appears to be a member of the Truncata Group, largely due to the sharp spines.

Specimen B
Specimen C
Specimen D
Specimen E
Specimen F
Specimen G
Specimen H
Specimen I
Specimen J


  1. Citation needed