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Carter, Michelle C.; Bishop, John D. D.; Evans, Nick J.; Wood, Chris A. “Environmental influences on the formation and germination of hibernacula in the brackish-water bryozoan Victorella pavida Saville Kent, 1870 (Ctenostomata: Victorellidae).” Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, v. 383 issue 2, 2010, p. 89-95.

This paper studied a different species of Bryzoan and the environmental factors which impacted the development of this organism. The authors specifically studied water temperature, salinity, and how these influenced germination.

Carter, Michelle C.; Gordon, Dennis P.; Gardner, Jonathan P. A. “Polymorphism and variation in modular animals: morphometric and density analyses of bryozoan avicularia.” Marine Ecology Progress Series, v. 399, 2010, p. 117-130.

The authors of this paper focused upon the genus cheilostome and the unique characteristics present in this group. The individual avicularia have the unique characteristic of being polymorphic. As a result the authors studied numerous sample to better understand the morphological differences in each specimen.

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