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Ashland University Pre-Pharmacy Program

This track is designed to prepare students for transfer to a school of pharmacy after two or more years of college, or after attaining the B.S. degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or Toxicology.

Links to Pharmacy programs in Ohio

Ohio Northern University

    * Pharm.D.
    * Some transfer students accepted
    * Generally takes 4 additional years after minimum course requirements as listed below

The Ohio State University

    * Pharm.D.
    * 4 year graduate program
    * B.S. degree required for admissions

The University of Cincinnati

    * Pharm.D.
    * May apply to 4 year program after completing 2 years of preprofessional requirements

The University of Findlay

    * Pharm.D.
    * Some transfer students accepted

The University of Toledo

    * Pharm.D.
    * Can transfer into year 2 of preprofessional program; two additional years to B.S.P.S., two more to Pharm.D.

Courses to take to prepare for admission to Pharmacy programs

The minimum course requirements which students should consider completing prior to transfer include:

• Eng 101 Freshman English

• Bio 201 The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life and • Bio 202 Organisms, Adaptation, and Diversity

• Chem 103/104 General Chemistry

• Math 205/206 The Calculus

• Math 208 Elementary Statistics

• Physics 201/202 General Physics (or Physics 205/206 University Physics)

• Bio 325/326 Anatomy and Physiology

• Bio 340 General Microbiology

• Chem 307/308 Organic Chemistry

• Chem 320 Quantitative Analysis