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This track will prepare students for admission to a college of optometry after at least three years of undergraduate preparation, and for the OAT test which is required by schools of optometry. Students should maintain a 3.5 GPA and score in the upper 50% on the admissions test to be considered competitive for admission. Many optometry schools also recommend or require a number of hours of observation/volunteer work with a practicing optometrist. Ohio State requires at least 10 hours of observation with at least two different optometry practices.

See information on other professional health programs on the Health related professional schools page.

Online Resources

Start the application process

Information on the OAT entrance exam

Links to Optometry Programs

The Ohio State University

Listing of all U.S. optometry schools

Courses to take to prepare for admission to the Ohio State College of Optometry

Required coursework for admission:

  • One year of biology (Bio 201/202; required for Biology, Biochemistry and Toxicology majors)
  • General chemistry (Chem 103/104; required for Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Toxicology majors)
  • Organic chemistry (Chem 307/308; both required for Chemistry major; Chem 307 for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 325/326 - elective for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Microbiology (Bio 340 - elective for Biology and Toxicology majors)
  • Biochemistry (Bio/Chem 429 - required for Biochemistry and Toxicology majors; elective for Biology major)
  • Physics (Phys 201/202 or Phys 205/206; required for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors)
  • Calculus (Math 201/202 or 205/206 - Required for Biochemistry, Chemistry and Toxicology majors; one year of math required for Biology major)
  • One semester of English (Eng 101; required of all majors at AU)
  • Introductory Psychology (Psych 101; fulfills social science core requirement)

Recommended electives include: Statistics, Ethics, Medical terminology, Sociology, Business management