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Ashland University has an affiliation with the Cooperative Medical Technology Program of Akron, a joint program among three major hospital systems in Akron. This program allows students to take three years of coursework at AU and then one year of course/clinical work in Akron. At the end of the program students will receive both the baccalaureate degree from Ashland and the professional certificate from Akron.

See information on other professional health programs on the Health related professional schools page.

Required coursework

To be admitted to the clinical year, students must have at minimum 2.7 GPA, and must have completed the following coursework:

• Ashland University core requirements (36-39 hours)

• Bio 201 The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life

• Bio 202 Organisms, Adaptation, and Diversity

• Bio 325/326 Anatomy and Physiology

• Bio 303 Genetics

• Bio 340 Microbiology

• Bio 354 Immunology

• Chem 104/105 General Chemistry

• Chem 307 Organic Chemistry

• Bio 429 Biochemistry

• Math 208 Elementary Statistics

• Math 201 Calculus

• Bio 301 Professional Preparation

• Bio 495 Senior seminar (taken during the 3rd year)

Links to other Medical Technology programs in Ohio

Students may also choose to apply to one of the other Medical Technology programs in the state. Some of these are baccalaureate programs that accept transfer students; others require the B.S. degree for admission and award a certificate upon completion of the clinical program.

Bowling Green State University

    * B.S. degree
    * Accepts transfers

Mercy Integrated Clinical Laboratory Science Program

    * Certificate and B.S. degree
    * Will take post-baccalaureate or will work out 3 + 1 affiliation

Southwest General Health Center

    * Will take post-baccalaureate or will work out 3 + 1 affiliation

The Ohio State University

    * B.S.
    * Accepts transfers

University of Cincinnati

    * Certificate
    * Accepts post-baccalaureate

Wright State University

    * Certificate
    * Accepts post-baccalaureate