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We currently have 44 laptops in the Kettering Science Building. 18 in the 2nd floor cart (cart in closet on 2nd floor), 12 in the 3rd floor cart (cart in Rm. 302), and 14 in the 4th floor cart (cart in the shared equipment room). Check this page to see if laptops are available for the days and times you need them. You will need to register with this Wiki to add your reservation to this list. Keys for the laptop carts can be borrowed from Brenda Rodeback in the science office (Kettering 221).

To reserve the Kettering computer lab go to the [Kettering 229 Lab Schedule].

  • Please add the date, your name, time you will need the computers, number of computers you need, and room number in chronological order below:
Fall 2021

Date         Instructor             Time                  # of Laptops        Room      Cart you will be using