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Our graduates have been very successful in finding rewarding jobs in the sciences. However, finding these jobs requires significant effort. This page will provide some resources to get your started and describe some steps that you should be taking. If you are a senior and would like to start working the summer after graduation you should be spending significant time in your search during your senior spring semester. Your junior year is a great time to be searching for opportunities to educate yourself on the options out there. How should you start?

Career Search Resources

Career Shift - a great tool paid for by AU Career Services

AU Career Services

BioOhio Workforce Development information page

Temporary science staffing agencies Aerotek and Solutions Staffing

Description of Possible Science Careers

Life Science Careers described by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Planning Info from the Journal Nature

Interviewing guide from AU Career Services

Mock Interview Practice

Science Internship and Job Search Engines

Tips on starting your internship search

National Science Foundation REU site

Sign up for Biology/Toxicology text alerts with internship info

Ohio Dept of Ed internship search engine

Texas A&M Wildlife and Fisheries Job Board

Ohio Means Jobs - Ohio Dept of Education job search engine

USA Jobs

Random Helpful Resources

Benefits of the 2-page resume

What employers look for on your resume

A guide to email etiquette

Why you should conduct a social media self audit